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5 COVID Party Ideas

Birthday parties aren’t what they used to be!! With many restrictions in place and safety being top of mind, it is very hard to think of new and creative ways to celebrate their special birthday. So I compiled a list of ways to help celebrate!

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Halloween Party Games

Halloween parties are some of the best birthday parties! Everyone gets to test out their costumes, eat a ton of candy and the games are easy to theme to. I’ve been asked by parents all the time for some fun and easy games and Halloween is no exception!

So I give you 10 quick and easy (the majority of them you don’t have to buy more than 1 item) games and activities for your Halloween party! Also, the ones with * are printables.

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July Parties – 3 Best Friends

July parties can be extremely hard to organize as so much is going on and everyone is being pulled in all directions. School is out, camp and festivals have started and the weather is finally great and ready to be enjoyed. So what I would recommend is treating the 2 or 3 best buds and the birthday kid to a special ‘party’ event. I’ve listed my top 3 best places to take the small gang!

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Where to Rent Space for a Party

The weather is beautiful and the kids are almost done at school! What a great time to have an outdoor party! But where should you have it? I recommend if you are having over 10 children not to have it at your house but rent a location instead. (If you aren’t sure how many kids, read up on what to expect for small and large parties here).

I gathered a list of local places (North Bay and area) you can rent for fairly cheap to host your outdoor party as well as a list of helpful tips when looking 🙂

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Outdoor Party Games

May is the best time for outdoor parties. The weather is finally nice and the kids are excited to get out and enjoy it! Whether you rented an outdoor venue or are hosting it in your backyard, I compiled a list of 5 great and easy games you can make to play at the party!

All the games listed are non-messy, water free, and I tried to stick to items you can find around the home with little to no money to spend.

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