Outdoor Party Games

May is the best time for outdoor parties. The weather is finally nice and the kids are excited to get out and enjoy it! Whether you rented an outdoor venue or are hosting it in your backyard, I compiled a list of 5 great and easy games you can make to play at the party!

All the games listed are non-messy, water free, and I tried to stick to items you can find around the home with little to no money to spend.

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Big Party VS Small Party

I’m the oldest of 6 meaning my Mom threw me the best parties (because I was the first!) and has done almost everything under the sun with my siblings. I’ve also attended A LOT of parties and could see the stress in the parent’s eyes or get to see them enjoy themselves with their kid (which is ultimately the goal). Almost every parent has the moment when they want to be super mom and invite the class and decide to go all out for this party then the next year they dial it down and have a small family gathering.  So, what’s it going to be this year?

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January 2019 Blog Post

January parties are sometimes the hardest as money may be tight from after the holidays but your special munchkin deserves the world! Especially when their birthday lands at this time of year. Many family and friends like to ‘double’ their gift as a Christmas/birthday duo leaving the child feel left out.

Luckily, there are some amazing party ideas that only happen in the winter to make their party feel *extra* special.

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