How early should I book for my Event?

The earlier the better! A minimum of 2 weeks if not earlier is ideal but don’t be afraid of booking last minute. If you would like to book an event on a special holiday, please contact as soon as possible as those days are often sought after.

How do I book Tickled Teals?

Tickled Teals booking operates on a first come first serve basis. Contact through Facebook message (found here), phone call (705-825-2833), email (services@tickledteals.ca) or through the contact page (found here). If the date is available and confirmed, a deposit of 50% is needed to secure the date. The deposit may be paid by cash, commercial non-personal cheque, e-transfer, or credit card. 

Is there a travel fee?

North Bay package pricing includes travel, but smaller towns outside do require an additional travel fee. 

Callander & Corbeil $20  | Astorville & Powassan $25 

Sturgeon Falls & Bonfield $30 | Mattawa & Warren $50

Is a deposit required?

Yes, 50% of the total price of the deposit. The deposit is due 2 weeks before the event or immediately when booking later than that. The remainder is due before the party on the day of the event.

How do I pay you?

Tickled Teals accepts cash, commercial non-personal cheque, e-transfer, or credit card.

what about allergies?

Tickled Teals does the very best to accommodate your event and is an insured Clown of Canada (papers provided upon request). Parents and event organizers are asked to talk to their guests about allergies especially latex (balloons) and colour dye or face paint. 

Depending on the guest’s severity, either stickers or additional balloon/face paint is offered to the child or the entire activity is replaced with an alternative such as a magic show or games.

I booked my event with you and sent my deposit. Now what?

A receipt for your deposit can issue one immediately and the remainder receipt will be brought to the event. Tickled Teals will be contacting you by your most preferred way (Facebook message, email, or call) a few days before the event confirmation. There is no need to contact after unless it is an emergency.

What is the Face Paint made of?

Tickled Teals uses FDA face paint specifically designed for the skin such as Wolfe and TAG face paints.  Click for the Wolfe and TAG safety sheets.

CRAFT PAINT is never used, as it is toxic, and is not face paint. Craft paint can cause rashes, blisters, and sometimes even scarring. PLease please PLEASE don’t use craft paint ever! 

There are no soy or nut products used in the paint.

All sponges and brushes are cleaned before every party, and contagious children with rashes or illness receive a sticker instead of a face paint.  It is expected that parents have the etiquette to prevent the spreading of illness, and it is an assumption that if the child were contagious in any way, they would not be at the party.

Does it matter where you set up for my event?

If you are having an outdoor party, the balloons are more likely to pop than they would if the party was inside due to the weather, grass or pavement, or simply blowing in the wind.  If your event is on a very cold day it is or raining, the balloons will need time to warm up and if not properly warmed up, can pop. Tickled Teals does ask for the room to put a long table and two chairs in front if a face painting package is booked.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

Tickled Teals understands that circumstances can change and cancellation will happen. Unfortunately cancelling an event takes away from those could have booked for that time. If you cancelling a booking more than 2 weeks away, no fee is applied and deposit (if paid) is refunded.

 If the booking is cancelled less than 2 weeks or the week of the from the event, the deposit will not be refunded.

If you would like to reschedule, a minimum of 2 weeks is needed, or a $50 charge is applied.

What can I expect from booking with Tickled Teals at my child’s birthday party?

Tickled Teals arrives 15-20 minutes before the party start time to set up and welcome guests. It is at this time, during the setup, the remainder of the deposit is asked to be given.  The setup consists of a table with a tablecloth and 1-2 chairs depending on balloons or face paint package.

Tickled Teals will paint numbers on the children’s hands for face painting and start with the birthday child. Balloon twisting begins and continues for an average of 45 min to an hour depending on the party atmosphere (an hour if a 2-hour party is booked) before switching to face painting (depending on the package) for the remainder of the time. 

To ensure all children get face painted and a balloon, a 1-hour package is set for 10 children and less, and a 2-hour package is required for up to 20 children. 

How long does a Balloon last?

A balloon can last up to 2 weeks at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. The balloon will get smaller by the day. 

How long does the Face Paint stay on & how do I wash it off?

Face paint used by Tickled Teals is water based, so it will come off with sweat and water. Colours fade the longer you wear the face paint. It can be washed off with water, but soap is recommended for darker colours such as red and black. It is recommended to remove the face paint before sleeping as it can stain sheets and will be harder to remove in the morning and may cause a rash (caused by long duration skin irritation).